Market Your Gardening Website Online Through SEO

This post is contributed by Local SEO Group, a local SEO agency that understands the future of Google marketing, and can help you to generate more traffic to your website through positive search engine optimisation.

How to Market Your Garden Centre Through SEO

Garden centres are often a seasonal business, and so taking advantage of customers during these peak seasons is very important for business survival.

You want to sell as many plants, sets of garden furniture, pots, gravel, birdcare, and other gardening tools during the summer. And if you also do Christmas, you’ll want to make sure you sell your Christmas Trees, Christmas Lights, and Christmas Decorations during the winter months, which can really provide some extra cashflow and is highly recommended.

Here are some tips to marketing your gardening website online:

  1. Get on Google My Business – signing up to Google My Business will help you rank in Google Maps, for terms like “garden centre london”, which means you will show up to customers who want your products.
  2. Get a Website that’s optimised – having a website that’s optimised can help you rank in the non-maps area of Google, which can also help you get clicks and customers through search engines.
  3. Social Media Marketing – get promoting posts on Facebook that include your main offers. These go down very well on Facebook in particular, especially when you’re using lots of images and videos around peak times.
  4. Offline Driving Online – use messages like “search for brand + keyword” on your offline marketing, to help drive organic search.  Google looks at these, and associates and ranks you better for those keywords that people search for with your brand name.

Here is a useful video on garden centre marketing:

Leave any questions you have in the comments, so good luck with your garden centre marketing!