Falcon of Fury

 A short film by Meat Bingo

Falcon of Fury is a short film that’s part comedy, part action and 100% tribute to one of the greatest games of all time.

Falcon of Fury is written by David Quantick (Harry Hill’s TV Burp, The Thick of It, Grumpy Old Men), stars Michael Spicer and is directed by John Panton. The artist Moose Allain has created transitions and titles and an original score has been composed by Simon Greenwood. Martin Carr has written a track for the film.


Chao is the new boy at school, with all that goes with it. Very much the underdog, he discovers he has a unique skill, thanks to his teacher, the enigmatic Mr Ball. Chao becomes a master of table football, a game where the mind and body mesh in a Zen-like state of perfection. And when Chao plays table football, extraordinary things happen…

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